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pulley is determined wpc desk

Posted by: qizhen0809 on 02/27/2017 04:38 AM

fittings, fixed bolt and handle, etc.Select whether particular attention must be paid to the pulley and the slide rail.Play house below small make up to introduce the sliding doors and Windows hardware fittings choose and skills.1, choose the right roller is the key The pulley is sliding doors and Windows can not be ignored in the accessories.Pulley quality of high and low, in large program on relates to whether the sliding doors and Windows.

The quality of the pulley is determined by its ocean shipping and the quality of the bearing.Ocean shipping is more commonly high strength wear-resistant nylon or copper two germplasm.Copper pulley is strong, but there is sound;Nylon texture of pulley drive when there is no sound, but not as good as copper pulley wear-resisting.Bearings must be multi-layer composite structure, material also have very big different.Good quality bearings adopt import stainless steel, the installation closely,

sliding when feel soft, no voice;Some of the more upscale pulley can also adjust the height, to make up for doors and Windows and the distance between the orbit, making them more closely connected.Doors and Windows at the bottom of the small pulley sometimes equipped with spring prevention device, using more safe and convenient.2, choose good matching slippery course is also very important Sliding doors slide rail general of aluminum alloy and used in the cold rolling two germplasm in orbit.Rail sturdy, aluminum alloy rail noise is small.When choosing should also pay attention to the thickness of the orbit.If the doors and Windows of small volume, light weight,
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